Neo Outlaw 24V 150w Kids S2 E Electric Scooter In Blue

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Neo Outlaw 24V 150w Kids S2 E Electric Scooter In Blue

Neo Outlaw 24V 150w Kids S2 E Electric Scooter In Blue

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Neo Outlaw S2 E-scooter: Stylish design, powerful 150W motor, vibrant colours – the ultimate ride for teens seeking thrilling adventures and urban coolness.

Neo Outlaw stands as a symbol of trust and excellence in the realm of electric motor goods. With a rich history and steadfast commitment to quality, Neo Outlaw has become a leader, especially in the competitive UK market. Choosing Neo Outlaw means aligning with a brand attuned to the pulse of modern technology.

Neo Outlaw S2 E Scooter Dimensions that Suit Your Lifestyle:

Measuring at 80 x 40 x 97 CM, the Neo Outlaw S2 achieves the perfect balance between portability and functionality. Whether navigating through a tricky path or storing it in a compact space, this scooter seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle.

Vibrant Colours to Match Your Style:

Express yourself with our stylish colour range – bold cool blue, trendsetting chic pink, and minimalist sophisticated grey. The Neo Outlaw S2 isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s an extension of your personality.

Neo Outlaw S2 E Scooter Power Specs Powerful 150W, 24V Motor:

Experience the thrill of power as you effortlessly glide through your daily adventures. The Neo Outlaw S2 features a robust 150W motor  and a 24v Lithium Ion battery, for a smooth and efficient performance. Conquer hills and cover distances with ease, making every ride a delightful experience.

Intelligent Design for Enhanced Safety:

Safety is paramount. The Neo Outlaw S2 incorporates intelligent design features such as Robotic Handbrake, bright LED lights for visibility, and a sturdy frame for stability. Enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your surroundings..

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